7 best siblings

now i am one half of an amazing sibling duo, and i was all “there has to be more because this crown of awesomeness sure is heavy with my burden of amazingness and also modesty, so maybe theres someone to share this load?”

haha load. so lets check out some famous tv/movie siblings that aren’t bart and lisa (we get it one is smart and one isnt )

7. Laurie and Michael Myers



not really your typical brother/sister team, hence why they are so far up the list. but i feel like they do deserve to be on this list because really what Michael was doing was just horseplay to the highest degree. there has been many times when i have been cowering in a closet from my brother except when he finds me he just gives me Indian burns instead of stabbing me in the face.



And really, they are probably closer then some brothers and sisters, what with the constant stalking. plus Laurie always knows that at Halloween she’ll get to see her brother which must be nice to look forward to.

6. Yakko, Wakko and Dot – the Animaniacs

so are they dogs? someone please tell me

so are they dogs? people? monkeys? someone please tell me..

i cant be the only one here who thinks its extremely odd that they had the idea to give Wakko a hat and a shirt but no pants, Yakko is totally lording his khakis over him. at least Dot got some sort of tube dress out of the deal.

anyways, these guys were amazing and i really applaud their efforts to include Wakko even though he is clearly mentally ill. i loved Animaniacs when i was younger even though if i tried to watch an episode now i wouldn’t get all of the early 90’s references that always weirdly seemed to include Micheal Keaton as Batman.

i think they might be dog-people? i dont know..oh! here's batman

..i think they might be dog-people? i dont know..oh! here's batman

Wakko was clearly the best one, followed closely by Yakko. Dot was a bitch and i hated her. case closed. so i guess i really only liked the two brothers…bros before hos?

5. Luke and Leia

it was either this or the picture of them about to kiss. neither are really appropriate.

it was either this or the picture of them about to kiss. neither are really appropriate.

pretty solid team, the only reason they are so far up the list is because of that one time they made out. I can assure you all entries past this point have never made out. yet.



They did get past that emotional hurdle though, and managed to defeat both the death star as well as any lingering emotions between the two of them. gross. But they really pulled through in the end and got to party with Ewoks, so i would say it was a really good bonding experience. i was always extremely jealous of Leia because she got to hook up with Han Solo, but when i was younger i didn’t fully grasp that she had already kissed Luke, so i feel a little better about myself knowing that even if im not dating a totally badass spaceship captain, at least i never made out with my brother.

my god you are good looking.

my god you are good looking.

anyways, they pulled together through some bad times, including Leias planet blowing up and the fact that their dad was a total dickhead, so they should be an inspiration to siblings everywhere. except for the kissing part.

4. Brandon and Brenda Walsh

everything about this screams cool

everything about this screams cool

the new 90210 is fucking terrible. there i said it. that being said, the original 90210 will always have a special place in my heart due to the terrible wardrobe and that time Donnas abusive boyfriend threw her down the stairs.

but this isn’t about girls with bad haircuts falling down stairs, its about the total radicalness (sp) of the Walshes. first off, they were twins and i can let their stupid names that sound alike slide because of that fact. Brandon was so cool with his flat top haircut and Brenda…well Brenda was..there. clearly the uglier of the two though, am i right? im right.

Brenda left the show in like the 4th season to pursue an acting career (dumbass) but Brandon stayed on and enjoyed such plotlines as:

-proposing to Kelly by putting a ring in a rollerblade

-working at the peach pit

Well that’s about all i can think of at the moment, but Kelly was a jackass for turning Brandon down. THE RING WAS IN A ROLLERBLADE YOU HEARTLESS SLUT.

3. Carlton and Will

god i miss this show.

god i miss this show.

technically not siblings, but if you are going to be an ass about you can make your own list on your own blog! (please dont) they were amazing and much better than Carltons actual siblings, the only thing that could make this duo better is if Jazz was somehow related to them. or possibly Zach Morris. but that’s just a pipe dream…sigh..

I often felt bad for Carlton because it wasn’t his fault he was so short and not as good looking as Will. but their combo really struck a cord with me, because don’t we all know a Will and a Carlton? (if you don’t know a Carlton, chances are you are the Carlton)  and i guess life imitated art because Will Smith became a huge star and I’m guessing the guy that played Carlton gets asked to do the Tom Jones dance everytime he walks to shoppers drug mart to get foot cream. if only Carlton turned his school jacket inside out like Will did, then maybe things would have turned out better for him.

"be honest with me..does this outfit make me look like a stereotype?"

"be honest with me..does this outfit make me look like a stereotype?"

2. Dean and Sam Winchester

well at least one looks good.

i think this photo made me pregnant.

I’m not going to lie to you guys, they are only this high up the list because they are good looking/fill the void in my heart that the cancellation of Xfiles left.

but really, whats not to love? if you are a woman with a working set of ovaries you should clearly see my point here. Although Dean is clearly better looking then Sam due to his lack of awful sideburns. I’m going to take this time now to mention that i would still play air hockey with either one of them on the off chance one or both is reading this.

Sexy air hockey that is!...i dont know what that means

Sexy air hockey that is!...i dont know what that means

anyways,  don’t get me wrong, this show is super cheesy but its my cheese and i love it. they are on the best siblings list because one of them is constantly on the verge of dying/is dead and the other one always comes up with some wacky scheme to save them that usually involves liquor and shooting women in the face.

see! i didn't make that last part up

see! i didn't make that last part up

so really this show has taught me that if my brother goes to hell and i don’t come up with a crazy scheme to save him then I’m a terrible sibling. thanks for the crushing guilt Winchesters!

"dont worry, ill go shoot someone in the face, you're going to be ok!"

"dont worry, im going to go get a fanta and then shoot a woman in the face, you're going to be ok!"

1. Arnie and Gilbert Grape

Leo's a big boy!

hello new desktop background!

clearly the best siblings ever. i defy you to come up with a better sibling duo. also as my friend Jenna pointed out yesterday when we were watching best of gilbert and arnie clips on youtube (dont judge us) Leo diCaprio went full retard and went on to have a successful film career. so kudos to him for that!

anyways, this movie is actually pretty good and if you haven’t seen it then you suck. Gilbert was the extremely good looking glue that held his shitty family together and he was with Arnie through thick and thin. except when Gilbert accidentally left him in the bathtub overnight so he could go hang out with Juliette Lewis (worst decision ever)

remember when their mom died and Arnie had that freakout? oh man, hilarious and also heart-wrenching. well Gilbert was there. remember when Arnie popped that grasshoppers head off in that mailbox? ahhaah also hilarious. in fact I’ve been laughing pretty consistently to myself the entire time Ive been writing about this movie. but Gilbert was there through it all which is why they are number one on this list.

what every other movie is lacking: a retard killing grasshoppers in a violent manner

what every other movie is lacking: a retard killing grasshoppers in a violent manner

plus Gilbert really spearheaded the “lets burn down the house with mommas corpse inside of it” initiative which makes me really respect him more.


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