Weirdest youtube tributes

Now we all love youtube, it’s perfect for watching videos of animals throwing up or Spin Doctors music videos. But there is a dark underbelly to youtube: Tributes. I fucking hate tributes, unless its the Tenacious D song. All other tributes are almost always terrible and slightly creepy. You know what I’m talking about, you try to find a clip from a movie and BOOM there’s weird spliced together footage of Sarah Conner and The Terminator looking lovingly at each other while Enya plays in the background. SHIT IS MESSED UP (YO) So I recently asked the crazy kids on my facebook page (join it and if you haven’t you are either my Dad and don’t have facebook or you are rotting away on MySpace) and asked them to tell me their favorite TV shows. I’m going to try and find the creepiest tributes to these shows along with some other tributes that I find just really mind blowing. I seriously get the worst case of second hand embarrassment when I watch these things because I always picture the people in the video somehow stumbling on it and being really upset and confused, I mean no one wants to find crudely done movies of you and your co-worker set to romantic music. I’m not even going to touch on X Files or Supernatural because I know there is probably hundreds of videos that will make me very embarrassed to love both those shows. Plus I do not need to see poorly edited videos that make it seem like Sam and Dean are banging. I DO NOT NEED THAT ON MY PLATE.

First up is a favorite of yours and also of mine: It’s always Sunny in Philadelphia. At first I was a little wary of being able to find youtube tributes to this since most of those are relegated to Dramas and not usually comedies. I was wrong. Right off the bat I found the worst sort of tribute: the spoof. Fuck I hate spoofs. Oh cool! You and your ugly friends made a spoof of an SNL skit on a piss poor budget and a shitty camera that somehow magnifies the sounds of you walking around so I can’t hear you properly butcher lines. FFFFFFUUUUUUUUUU. But anyways, here’s a steaming pile called “It’s always Rainy in Wilmington (get it????)

I’m not going to lie to you guys, I got like a minute into that and had to stop. Yikes was that terrible. Leave that shit to the professionals you assholes. I love it’s always sunny but I keep it real and quote it when I’m hammered like a normal person, I don’t make fucking youtube videos with my lame friends therefore leaving myself vulnerable to the taunts of a surly internet comedy writer (who is probably very beautiful and funny) In short these people are dickheads. Let’s see what else the nightmare factory that is youtube can bring us.OH fuck, shockingly there is like 200 tributes to Dayman, which is a song one of the characters from It’s always Sunny creates while high on spray-paint (this really is a great show you should watch it) Let’s see which one stands out from the pack

OK wait..did I just huff spray-paint? what the fuck was that?? Was that tiny black doll and giant stuffed animal supposed to be Dennis and Charlie? Jesus Christ. I’m so totally baffled by that entire sequence, I honestly do not know what to say about that. See this is why I’m so creeped out by youtube videos because people like this somehow get it in their mind that they need to arrange some stuffed animals in-front of a Casio and record it. Let’s…let’s just move on.

"this duck will make a perfect Ross for my Friends re-enactment"

Someone else said their favorite show was Gossip Girl and I can only imagine the kind of shit that youtube can produce from that. If it’s one thing teen girls love it’s stickers and making really creepy uncalled for tributes to Chuck Bass on youtube set to music. In fact here’s one now:

Now I don’t really know much about Gossip Girl but I can tell you this: Chuck Bass is not at all good looking and he seems like he would very easily rape and kill a woman, then dispose of her body while making some sort of smug quip about dirt getting on his Dolce and Gabbana shirt. Let’s see if there’s something that better represents this show and its characters

haha ok this was pretty good, I kinda wanna party with these guys. I like how they also assume Chuck would be into date rape, so it’s not just me going all crazy on the accusing people of being rapists. I also wish pretty much every show ended that way…except maybe that show the bad Belushi.

Is it just me or does that look on his face scream "I' know what you're thinking and yes I agree I should have been the one to die"

Alright enough of that fuckery, I know what you’re thinking “these aren’t that bad, show me something really messed up or I’ll go play bejeweled for 45 minutes” OK assholes, you asked for it:

I almost pissed myself laughing when The Titanic music came on holy shit. DIDN’T I TELL YOU THERE IS TOTALLY A SARAH CONNOR TRIBUTE ON YOUTUBE?? I’m sorry for the all caps but my god. Also, I don’t know if it’s the romantic Titanic music playing or what but I’m pretty sure I would 100% sleep with Kyle Reese.

But if that tribute left you feeling longing for a love that never dies and now you’re bitter and worried you will rot away without ever experiencing such an emotional connection in all your life then this should cheer you up:

AWWWWW YEAH DINOSAURS!!!!!! Someone went out of  their way to make this and I don’t know if I should be excited or worried. I feel like after watching this I should run into a crowd of people and randomly lash out with my fists while shouting “DINOSAURS FUCKING RULE”  ohhh man I wish there was even more Dinosaur music videos set to shitty pseudo-metal songs. HOLY SHIT THERE TOTALLY IS.  There is like 15 tributes to various dinosaurs and most of them use clips from Jurassic Park movies. Wow.


So what have we learned here today folks? Well if you can dream it, there is probably a youtube video depicting it. I also learned that people on youtube really love dinosaurs and setting music to clips of Anime shows and wrestling clips. I also watched some Spin Doctors music videos so all in all I’d say this was a pretty fun day.


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