Exciting Contest!!!!!!!!!(???)

Hello my darlings, I have a proposition for you. It’s not the sassy kind unfortunately, but it can lead to you getting something totally radical in return.


For those of you who have joined my Facebook fan page thank you and for those of you who have not it’s either because you are my dad and don’t have Facebook or because you hate me. So go join it, that is step one. As you may have notice Facebook decided to change yet again and they have a little bar above the page with different photos on it, on my personal Facebook it is currently 4 photos of me jerking around on a cliff in mexico, and a photo of a cat riding an invisible bike. I am pretty great.


the cat in question


My fanpage, however, is looking very bleak and empty in the picture department. That is where you come in. I am proposing a contest of sorts where I want you guys to MS Paint, photoshop, draw in your own blood on a piece of skinpaper and scan, draw on parchment and send it by owl post to Facebook headquarters or whatever it is you choose to do, a visual representation of something relating to Vodka for Breakfast. As an example you could draw a picture of me facepunching Nicolas Cage or make a loving portrait of booze. It’s really up to you. I will choose my three favorites and those lucky ducks will receive a MYSTERY PRIZE in the mail from yours truly. I promise you it won’t be a tooth or dead bird. It might be an ear. So just join the fanpage, and add the photos to the group and let the madness begin. I will be awarding extra points for any portraits done of me riding a polar bear wearing a loinskin bikini. (so awesome!) I’m excited to see what you boners come up with and hopefully someone does this so I don’t look like an INTERNET LOSER.


picutred: hopefully not me




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