More amazing PSA’s from my childhood!

I did one of these bad boys all the way back in 2009, and I decided I should probably write about it some more because last night Matt and our friend Lance got drunk and started talking about these and I was like “yes! I knew there was way more I didn’t write about!” and then “you guys shut up I have to work in the morning” I’m a complicated woman. So anyways let’s talk some more about PSA’s from the 1990’s that are only brought up again as an adult when you’re at a party drunk and thinking of something to Youtube.

1. Drinking and Driving: counter attack

A buck? no wait! ummm come back to me

First of all, as a kid I somehow couldn’t wrap my head around the counter attack part. I was young so didn’t understand counter had a different meaning other than what you put your cup of chocolate milk on. So I was always baffled as to what they meant. I couldn’t find it online because my googling skills are subpar/I got distracted watching The IT Crowd. Basically it’s just someone driving and they show the dashboard with a bunch of empty beer glasses on it and the camera films through them for a bit until they slam into a bus. They still air this badboy every once and awhile and I’m ashamed to admit but when I see it now I’m like “pffft that’s not what driving looks like when you’ve had 2 or 3 drinks!” I’m sorry Mom. Again, when I was younger I didn’t realize that the point they were trying to make was that your vision will get blurred and you’ll drive head on into a city bus, I thought someone was drinking beers and just putting the glasses on the dashboard and looking through them, and thats why they crashed I was a dumb child. I also thought that ice cream cones came with ice cream already in them because on the box it showed them full of icecream.

He should have been using this glass! Then it wouldnt be so blurry to look through and he could make it to his employee of the year celebration on time

I actually saw this ad a week ago and had a good reminisce over it. Sort of messed up if you think about it, I equate PSA’s trying to stop people from driving drunk with my childhood. MEMORIES.

2. Why be you when you can be me

Again, I didn’t fully comprehend the whole idea behind this ad, I thought it was an ad for a horror movie when I first saw it. It started airing when I was around 10 and I was at the height of my childhood awkwardness.   I remember a specific outfit that consisted of bright purple corduroy pants, a baggy shirt that had an iguana on it that said Wild Thing underneath it, and my sweet mullet and Harry Potter glasses, oh and this was several years before I had braces so add some big buck teeth into that equation. I was hideous. I was hideous for most of my childhood but never really felt ugly. I don’t know if it’s because I grew up in the 90’s when you could still tell how old a girl was and no 10 year olds wore makeup. This might have been a blessing because I had ugly duckling syndrome which forced me to develop a personality since I couldn’t skate by on my looks. I assume if I was a gorgeous child with no outward problems whatsoever I might have grown up to be date raped by my 34 year old boyfriend at the age of 16 instead of sitting here in my sweatpants and tanktop with the original cast of 90210 on it.

not these assholes. You are all dead to me.

So anyways, because of me being hideous and not caring about it, this PSA didn’t really hit home with me. It was meant for girls to accept who they are and not cave to social pressures. They really should have just followed me around for a day, I had a photo of David Duchovny in my locker in Grade 6. Clearly I was a huge ugly nerd but I never felt like it because in my mind I was so radical. I’m still really radical and if I had a locker I would totally put a picture of my boy Double D all up in there.

3. Any “very special” episode

judging by how old this looks, Im sure the very special part is this guy makes friends with a black man.

I used to love these so much! every once and awhile one of my favorite TV shows would have an episode where one of the characters gets molested, or addicted to pills, or has a friend who dies while driving drunk. Those episodes, along with the Halloween episodes, were always my favorite. Of the many that aired three stick out in my mind specifically. One from Fresh Prince, one from Saved by the Bell and one from Dinosaurs.

The one from Fresh Prince was on recently and I flipped my lid I was so excited! pretty much what happens is Will can’t stay awake so a friend is like “oh hey, take this SPEED!!” which is so absurd on it’s own but it gets even weirder. Will just puts the speed in his locker and then later at a dance Carlton is all spazzing out about a zit and asks Will if he has any Vitamin E pills to take. The plot was very weak I must admit. So Carlton mistakes the speed for vitamin pills and starts going totally bonkers! Witness for yourself:

Pretty much the only thing I learned about this episode was that speed makes you a better breakdancer. Will realizes something is up because Carlton is such a square usually and he’s all OH GOD THE SPEED!!! and takes him to the hospital. The last 5 minutes of the episode is Uncle Phil yelling at Will and Will being like ahh I’m sorry! I didn’t know/take any myself! and starts crying. Uncle Phil decided that I guess that was enough punishment and buys them all basketball tickets. Now that I have written out the plot synopsis and read it over I think the writing staff themselves must have been high on something to make such a disjointed mess. Anyways, the best part of the whole episode is Carlton going totally bananas on the dance floor. It’s funny to me that they decided to paint speed in a poor light using the powers of manic breakdancing.

Look at all these filthy junkies.

The Saved by the Bell episode was equally hilarious and also involved pill popping. I guess highschool kids were under a lot of pressure in the early 90’s? I assume it took a very long time in the morning to crimp your hair and get poofy bangs so you were probably pretty beat by the time you got to class.In this episode Jessie gets addicted to caffeine pills when she can’t find the time to practice for a talent show and study for a geometry class. In highschool I was a pretty average student but I don’t really remember there being that much of insane pressure on me, I rolled out of bed like 15 minutes before school started so clearly I was not reviewing my notes in the hallway before class. I loved sleeping too damn much. So anyways she takes these caffeine pills and they make her hilariously jittery. It’s also super funny that they devoted an entire episode to caffeine pill addiction when I see 13 year old kids drinking Red Bulls all the time. I drank 4 in one day once and felt like the devil was going to pull my heart out through my kneecaps. It was horrible.

So anyways, in a scene that thank god someone put on youtube Zach goes over to Jessies house to ask her why she’s acting so dang cray-cray and possibly the greatest thing ever happens. She starts dancing around wildly while singing “I’m so excited” until she collapses and starts crying. I remember watching this when it originally aired and thinking two things:

-I wish Zach would hug me!


Watch the scene for yourself. I guarantee you will watch it at least twice in a row, it’s breathtaking

Luckily for Jessie, Zach got her some help and she got off the pills. Her singing group totally bombed the audition and I assume she failed the test but at least she can finally get some sleep.

I used to love the show Dinosaurs and recently tried to watch it again, I made the mistake of watching the very last episode where it’s revealed they all start the ice age and slowly freeze to death. I would be lying if I said I didn’t shed a singly manly tear. So anyways, in this episode Robbie and his friend find some plants in the woods and discover upon eating them they get all goofy. Clearly you can see where this is going. It seems really counterproductive to make an episode about the dangers of smoking pot when the entire concept of this television show seems like something a stoner would come up with while they waited for their roast beef sandwich to finish heating up in the microwave, but then when they eat it they remember it was actually pork roast and not roast beef and the sandwich is kinda gross. (It totally sucked, I was so mad at myself)

Anyways, Robbies dad and sister get addicted to the plants and his dad gets fired, their mom leaves and they decided they’re sick, sick addicts and  burn all the plants which seems counterproductive, and then at the end of the episode it has the Dinosaurs sitting in directors chairs talking about the dangers of pot. I’m not sure if we’re supposed to believe that they’re real Dinosaurs and this is them behind the scenes or what at this point, it was the most upsetting part of the whole episode.

The whole thing is up on youtube if you want to relive it or enjoy this baffling ordeal for the very first time. Also, don’t think too hard about what kind of person would put up every single episode of this show up on youtube.

I don’t know if they still have very special episodes anymore, but they seemed to be all over the place when I was growing up and I blame them for me going into insane giggles whenever I hear the song I’m so excited. I just can’t hide it.


1 Response to “More amazing PSA’s from my childhood!”

  1. 1 Ashli May 1, 2011 at 5:19 am

    Oh shush you, you were not an ugly nerd. 🙂 You were a cute, hilarious little girl. I think you said it best tho – we grew up in a time where we looked our age – I guess that makes us ugly by today’s standards. But I’d still take the horrible hair cuts and messed up teeth over looking like a hooker at the age of 8. Every time I doubt how awesome we were as kids, I look at the picture of us on the steps of my tree house when we dressed up as boys. Yeah. Awesome.

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